Become a trading partner

Our Trading Partners are always on the look out for exceptional staff at all levels including chefs, front-of-house and administrative staff to join their incubated businesses. MM invites people who fully embrace our values and ethos and are committed to open a restaurant, food business or community business to put forward proposals about what they want to do and become our Trading Partner.

All applicant Trading Partners go through a vetting process to give us confidence that they are true artisans, are not involved in industrial-scale and over-processed food/beverage practices, and are committed to make their project reality.

When MM selects a Trading Partner, it will share in the Trading Partner’s sales, rather than charging a fixed rent, reflecting MM’s belief that the success of our markets and the delivery of our objectives depend on a sharing community working towards common goals.

The marketplace is a springboard for the MM Movement and provides fertile and supportive ground for testing and incubating new ideas.

If you are interested in becoming one of our Trading Partners at one of our sites, send a brief summary of your proposal to

Join the MMovement

MM is inviting people, companies and policymakers across London, the UK and the world to join the movement to change food culture in the country. This is an open invitation for people who believe in:

Healthy, sustainable, living food made with rural, artisanal practices

Supply chains that prioritise quality over price and make good, healthy food available

The importance of community in cities across the world, starting with London