Cocktail Masterclass

A cocktail masterclass has arrived at the Mercato Metropolitano!

Andrea Signanini, Bars Manager in a top 5 star London Hotel, with more than 10 years experience in the industry, will bring you through a mixologist journey with an organic and sustainable soul. Starting from how the vodka and/or gin is made, moving to the importance of the ice and ending with how to make homemade ingredients for cocktails with no leftovers.

Would you like to know more about how a small farm can create a brand with organic ingredients and sustainability as main focus? Are you ready to understand how the materials, the terroir and the ice could influence the taste of a spirit or a cocktails? Will you be excited to learn the secret of preparing ingredients by your own for your next house party?

If your answer is yes, join our 2 hours masterclass on Tuesday 24th March starting from 18:30!

Be ready to loose yourself behind the bar into the art of cocktail making!


*Brands/Products that will be used: VKA Vodka, Ginepraio Gin, Numquam Liqueurs, Mancino Vermouth

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