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East Bali Cashews: A Brand that Makes a Difference

Have heard about East Bali Cashews? They are a social enterprise producing sweet and savoury cashew nut products. With East Bali Cashews, you are buying more just a packet of nuts!

The goal of East Bali Cashews is to create and improve quality of life for the Bali community, resulting in genuine, transparent and sustainable business practice.

They invest profits into helping cashew farmers and creating opportunities for people leaving in East Bali, through employment and education. As the brand believes: “you are what you eat”, all the products are made with natural ingredients.

Establishing themselves in the international market, such as Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zeeland and the USA resulted in the company creating more than 400 jobs for previously unemployable local women, giving them become a source of income, access to education and personal development. The brand also built a preschool and implemented farming improvement projects.

The product that we have in our MM Grocery store is the Popcorn with Cashews, in two different flavours: Chocolate Caramel and Salted Caramel. It’s gluten-free, vegan-friendly and preservative-free!

popcorn with cashews (chocolate caramel)popcorn with cashews (salted caramel)

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