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Once Upon a Time in Nepal..

A peaceful bite from an enchanted land.

Once upon a time, there was a tiny place surrounded by giants. Nepal was the tiny place and the giants were India and China. Nepal lived curiously and peacefully, constantly learning from its ancestral neighbours, building its personality and character. Nepal, despite its size, homed them most incredible natural masterpieces ever seen on earth, from the highest mountain, Everest, to the deepest canyons populated by incredible animals like the snow leopard, Bengal tiger, Indian python and the asian rhinoceros.

It was a haven of beauty, home to the well-known Lord Gautam Buddha, his spirit pervaded the soul of this place, making it a terrestrial paradise. Evidently, people didn’t just live in Nepal for this described joy, peace, and nature, Nepal boasted the biggest cherry on the cake, its delicious food. Nepal today still exceeds in all aspects of what one might seek in their adventures and travels, and whilst it is not the easiest time to travel to witness this beautiful place in person, you can experience their incredible food here in London, at Mercato Metropolitano.

Kamala & Bijay are one of those stand-outs couples where you can clearly see how perfect they are for each other. Schoolmates then soulmates, they moved to London with a dream.

Kamala and Bijay entered the ‘Food Founders Without Borders (FFWB) Competition’, an opportunity hosted by Mercato Metropolitano and TERN. The prize was the chance to have a stand in Mercato Metropolitano, Elephant & Castle. Down to their delicious food and unique story, Bijay & Kamala won! Their spirit and joy are visibly seen in their cooking.

Himalayn Dumpling, is the name of their business which you can find in the MM market. The journey through their food is authentic and their smile and service are always friendly and welcoming. Their Nepalese Dumplings, Momos, are perfectly cooked, infused with flavours from South East Asia, delicate yet intense.

“Traditionally Momo can be cooked in various ways,” says Kamala.

“I love jhol momo, it is a special recipe. Momos are soaked in tangy tomato warm stew and are ideal during the winter season in Nepal. They are close relatives to the Chinese steamed buns. Dhaal bhaat is my comfort food, it is what pizza is to Italy, available in every restaurant, hotel and household.”

Spending time at their stall in MM feels like you’re greeted with friends intensely listening to their powerful stories, their favourite foods and wonderfully their bond as a married couple.

Everything unique and desirable in Nepal lives strongly in Kamala & Bijay and we couldn’t be prouder to share their food and story.

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