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Veganuary: Amazing places to explore at Mercato!

Veganuary is, as we all know, the world largest vegan movement. It’s a challenge where people can experience a plant-based diet for 31 days. People usually try it in the beginning of the year and many participants end up continuing to eat a plant-based diet with the aim of helping the environment and animal welfare.

Here at Mercato Metropolitano, we have an amazing range of vegan options. Here are our top five choices:

  1. V for Vegan (@veganforv)

    Greek Kebab Wrap

Greek Kebab Wrap


2. Leggero (@leggerolondon)

gluten-free pasta with mushrooms and truffle oil

Gluten free pasta with mushrooms, truffle oil and vegan parmesan cheese. 


3.Pad Thai (@padthaihouse )

Pad Thai with Tofu and Vegetables


Pad Thai with Tofu and Vegetables.


4.Guasaca (@guasacacalondon)

cassava fritas and avocado dip


Cassava Fritas with spicy salt and avocado dip.


5.Vietnamese (@lets_nhau)

tofu noodle salad


Tofu noodle salad.


Make sure to tag us, if you try any of our delicious vegan options!

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