We believe that partnerships make us stronger so we collaborate with a broad spectrum of businesses, research institutes, governmental bodies, nonprofit organisations and individuals to grow and nurture our vision for building a better food system and resilient communities.

Are you a School or University?

Ways to partner:

  • A collaborative university course
  • A lecture by our CEO and leaders on sustainable food practices
  • School field trip
  • Joint research on sustainable food practices and technology
  • And much more!

Are you a Business, Governmental body or Charity?

Ways to partner:

  • DreaMM campaign inclusion
  • Projects to provide food to vulnerable communities
  • A joint event/initiative that promotes sustainability and community
  • Educational opportunities for youth
  • And much more!

Are you a passionate individual?

Ways to partner:

  • Participation in our WeSustain Conference
  • Research and/or articles published through MM
  • Entertainment and events at our markets
  • And much more!


UN Global Compact Network

MM is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, enabling us to support the advancement of the UN’s goals via our sustainable business practices. As part of this programme, MM will submit an annual report providing an overview of the actions that we have taken and the steps we have implemented to deliver on the ten principles and a measurement of outcomes. Launched in 2000, the United Nations Global Compact is a call to companies across the globe to align their operations and strategies with ten universal principles, covering human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. The UN Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, with over 9,500 companies and 3,000 non-business signatories in over 160 countries, and 70 Local Networks.

UN global compact
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Imperial Business School

In 2019, MM worked with MBA students from Imperial College with the aim of developing a repeatable, transferable methodology that evaluates the change in children’s awareness, attitude and behaviour towards healthy eating after attending a cookery class at MMThe aims were to support MM in improving the quality of the classes, quantitatively showcase impact and value for those who participate in the programme and to apply this methodology to other programmes run by MM to ensure they are effective. 

King’s College London

MM partnered with King’s College London’s Business School on a Social Media project from January to March, involving around 80 Digital Marketing Masters studentsThe students visited MM E&C where Andrea Rasca gave an introduction to Mand launched the project itself. The groups came up with social media strategies in response to different challenges. Mentors from the MM Team were appointed and supported students throughout the process, working closely with them and answering queries. Students presented their strategies to the MM Team and five top groups were selected and congratulated by Andrea Rasca. Following positive feedback, preparations are already in place to run a similar project with KCL next year.  


University of the Arts London

Since 2016, MM has collaborated with UAL through a wide range of formal and informal partnerships, through keeping an open door for students practicing their skills from Filmmaking to Design and creating opportunities for work experience through the MM internship program. Through our recent DreaMM2020 campaign, UAL students have had the chance to pitch their dream project ideas with the possibility to spend their “Year in Industry” in MM, applying their innovative ideas and creativity to real-life projects.

Foundation for International Education (FIE)

FIEis an international educational organisation working in partnership with universities and colleges in the US to provide immersive study abroad programs for undergraduate students in London, Dublin, and Amman. MM hosted 5 interns via FIE throughout 2019, across the fields of HR, finance and communications.  


World Indigenous Business Forum 

Mercato Metropolitano was at the 2019 World Indigenous Business Forum (WIBF) to discuss ways in which MM can contribute to the development of a sustainable and inclusive market for the 370 million indigenous peoples living in over 90 countries, who are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of commercial development and business activities.  

The aim of the WIBF is to increase participation in the global economy by providing opportunities to broaden markets, improve access to business potential, increase Indigenous economic benefits from major resource development and energy investments, and increase Indigenous prosperity through economic growth.  

Andrea Rasca and Amedeo Claris were invited to meet with the President and CEO of the Indigenous Leadership Development Institute, Rosa Walker, and discuss ways in which MM’s current and future markets can represent a tangible opportunity to bring the vast biodiversity harvested by indigenous communities around the world to the market, through a close cooperation and MM’s approach to supportive development. 

Smart Cities

Smart Cities New York is North America’s leading global conference for innovators and decision-makers who are improving life in the cities of tomorrow. Including city leaders, CEOs, and startups. The conference takes a holistic look at the innovations in technology and infrastructure that are making cities more liveable, equitable, and sustainable. Andrea Rasca, MM’s Chief Executive Dreamer, presented at the conference on the theme of “The City I Want to Live In”   

Join the MMovement

MM is inviting people, companies and policymakers across London, the UK and the world to join the movement to change food culture in the country. This is an open invitation for people who believe in:

Healthy, sustainable, living food made with rural, artisanal practices

Supply chains that prioritise quality over price and make good, healthy food available

The importance of community in cities across the world, starting with London